Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A few thoughts on gun control…..

I don’t often talk a tremendous amount about politics or common political “talking points”. Gun control is one issue that I certainly have opinions on and you may or not agree with me.

The recent shootings in Arizona have spurred talk on gun control all across the country. Often when a mass shooting gets a lot of press – “gun control” will be mentioned as something that could have prevented what occurred and what should be put in place to prevent future occurrences.

Let me start off by stating for the record – I support the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. Period. I believe that our forefathers placed the right to bear arms into the Constitution for a reason – and it was not for the creation of out military and police forces.

A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

The Minute Man statue - Concord, Mass.

Knowing the history of how the United States came to be I firmly believe that the above statement refers to the ability of the people to possess firearms – not just the government.

The mass shooting in Arizona was a tragedy for all involved and their families. It is an unfortunately reality that there are sick, crazy, malicious and evil people in this world with an intent that is no better than they are. The argument that decent, law-abiding citizens should have their rights effected due to those that are not decent, law-abiding citizens is unjust, unfair and against our Constitutional rights. Whether it be the Virginia Tech massacre or the Arizona shooting – those physco’s that perpetrated these acts would do so regardless of any law.

The bottom line is that gun control laws only effect those that will obey them – law abiding citizens. Criminals are termed that for a reason – they break the law. How many drug dealers and gang-bangers are purchasing their firearms at local gun shops following laws?

Now – here is where I may stir a response from you. Some gun control and regualtion is responsible and I feel required. I have no problem with a background check. I have no problem with a 24-hour waiting period. I do not have a problem with certain age requirements. I do not have a problem with any Dick or Harry walking into their local gun shop and NOT walking out with a fully automatic M60 machine gun. There has to be some common sense involved in gun regulations. This problem is - what is common sense to me may be different than to you. The other problem is most that are in favor of gun control is that if you give them an inch – they will take a mile. What I mean by this is every regulation, every law is one step towards their eventual desired goal – the banning of guns altogether. Not all gun control advocates want this – but a very large majority.

Being able to defend myself, my family, and my property goes beyond “God given” – it is built into the genetic make up of the human species to protect that which is nurtured and cared for. For some political group, “cause” or politician to suggest that I am not allowed to possess a pistol that can shoot 17 shots or a semi-automatic rifle because I can affix a bayonet to it is not just pathetic – it is idiotic.

There are 40,000 people killed every year in automobile accidents. 40,000!! I don’t hear anyone suggesting cars should be banned. Hmmmmm…….

One final thought. What if someone with a Concealed Weapons Permit was present at Virginia Tech or in Arizona for either one of those shootings?


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