Sunday, January 9, 2011

You've Got To Fight For Your Rights

Here in Virginia, we are not cursed with too many onerous gun laws. Gun rights actually made progress last year with allowing concealed carry permit holders to carry in restaurants that serve alcohol (as long as they don't drink) and allowing people without permits to carry concealed in the car. We really have to give most of the credit to the Virginia Citizens Defense League. Every year, legions of law abiding gun owners descend upon our Jefferson-designed state capitol building to meet thier legislators (at least the ones who do not run and hide) and press for a return of the right to keep and bear arms, all while carrying weapons and wearing orange "Guns Save Lives" stickers. After a couple hours of that, everyone gathers on the Capitol lawn for a rally with advocates, politicians, and the occasional celebrity. I've been twice, and it is really an amazing event. This year's Lobby Day is Monday, January 17th. If you are in Virginia, I encourage you to come. I'll be there for the rally. Details can be found HERE. If you don't live in Virginia, I encourage you to become involved with whatever advocacy group is active in your state. If you don't support gun rights, well, I promise not to infringe upon your right to not have a firearm if you promise not to infringe upon my right to have one.

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